Mobile Laboratory

The ‘Clever Mobile Laboratory’ is made from melamine with impact resistant edging. It is a modular unit which means that it can be
used for intermediate, senior and FET phases by just replacing the content inside. The unit is constructed in such a way that it can easily be moved from classroom to classroom and will effortlessly fit through doors. The lid, once opened, also acts as a white board on which the teacher can write formulas and explanations with a white board marker. All doors and the lid are lockable for safe storage. The wheels too are lockable and made of silicon rubber for ease of movement.
The unit contains a stainless steel basin, shelves and a space for waste water, fresh water and a gas bottle. The unit also contains storage space for wall charts and a pull up arm where a wall chart can be displayed as reference whilst teaching or conducting experiments. The ‘Clever Mobile Laboratory’ can be supplied wired for electricity and batteries to conduct experiments.
This unit is in a basic form and can be adapted to the customer’s specifications. It is neat, aesthetically pleasing, takes up little space and stores all equipment safely and securely. The length is 1250mm x 600mm wide x 800mm high.

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