Geography, Science Apparatus

Clever Child holds the distribution and marketing rights, for Southern African countries, from one of the world’s leading model manufacturers. All these models are manufactured to ISO specifications in the most modern factory, one utilising the latest technology available. All models are made from washable and unbreakable PVC. These robust and durable models are of the highest quality and will last for many years, if cared for properly. Our models are also very competitively priced, as an analysis of prices pertaining in the market will reveal.
The fragile nature of fibreglass, a material prone to breaking if accidently dropped, prompted our decision to use only unbreakable PVC in all of our models. Our anatomical models contain no toxic materials that could prove hazardous to people, particularly children. Our models are all dissectible and life-like replicas of parts of the human anatomy, our various organs, and can be removed and reinserted. This allows for graphic and very informative demonstrations of where the essential parts of our body are located.
We have a vast range of models available that would satisfy most curriculum requirements. Multifunctional patient care manikins are also available, on request, for hospitals and training institutions. We pride ourselves on our association with this leading manufacturer and the high quality of materials that we are consequently able to supply. Our products are fully backed by ourselves and the manufacturer.

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